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Whores’ Glory & musics.

Whore’s Glory came out way back in 2011, but only recently did I find it on Netflix.  Here’s a snippit with the beautiful soundtrack. Where we meet (whores’ glory poem) Maike Rosa Vogel feat. Konstantin Gropper and sounds sort of folky but young, indie, electronica, ect according to

Sometime around 2008 I watched a similar documentary series with my college roommate. It took place in several American cities and had a scene where the girls lived behind trap doors in massage parlors. The film exposed  the fucked up-ness of the sex slavery industry but never really focused on personal stories or group dynamics within whore houses.

I found it interesting that the director focused on religion and superstition as well as the sex industry (and poverty, obviously).


Kate Boy "Northern Lights"
Kate Boy “Northern Lights”

PS. Remember when I said I would add a Spotify playlist? No? Okay, here it is! I would be really super flattered if you just gave it a listen or ooo, better yet!… follow. It’s only a few tracks a week, the best or most influential of each album.


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