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"Untitled". 2011. Keep reading for more information.
“Untitled”. 2011. Keep reading for more information.

I figured that I should try to write something daily even when I didn’t have time for a really serious post. I have to go to work in a few hours so I’m going to break down some things that have been in my head and on  the tips of my fingers.

“Eternal Almighty Medicine for Perfect Happiness”, Fuyuko Matsui
“Eternal Almighty Medicine for Perfect Happiness”, Fuyuko Matsui. Image taken from ghoulnextdoor.

1. Today I discovered a new tumblr that I really enjoy. ghoulnextdoor is really great. It’s not like some of my other favorites in that every item I instantly want to like and reblog, but more so in that it shares in depth information and sources for the images (many of which I find interesting). It’s frustrating finding a cool painting or other work and not even know who the creator is. It’s insulting to that person to not credit them and at the same time you want to share something that’s beautiful. Typical rock and hard place scenario. I know it’s tedious to just copy & paste information that’s likely right underneath an image you saved…


2. I’m questioning my taste with the following material wants:



I’m mostly questioning the glossyness of this leather boot by Dr Martens. It’s almost too much shiny. It might even be too much shiny. I want to be that shiny… on my feet.


631000_mainThis. What the hell is this? I’m not a bird. But I want to be a bird. It would be better without the chains but that’s easy to modify.


3. If you like Metric and/or Lana Del Ray check out the 2007 album from Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton “What Is Free To A Good Home?”. I listened to this whole album with a bunch of accidental distortion this morning and it was pretty awesome. It’s also actually pretty beautiful without the loose headphone static.


4. Last but certainly not least I found the portfolio of Allison Scarpulla. She’s so fucking talented… and a little macabre.




Have any cool tumblrs or flickr accounts to share? Leave a reply.


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  1. Hi, Katrina:

    I tried to send a pm from y our “contact” page but couldn’t find a “send” or a “post” button. Sorry!

    I follow a number of (mostly fashion) bloggers – including several that are Rochester-based. I’m really enjoying your point of view as well as the topics you cover. I think we met in passing last fall at the Greentopia fashion show. I hope we have the chance to meet again and talk sometime.


    1. Hey there, I’m glad you like my blog. 🙂 Yeah the layout is a little odd in that the font for the buttons are white… you should be able to merely hit enter when you fill out the form but I am planning on revamping the site in the near future. Feel free to get ahold of me at contact (@) I’ll definitely be involved in Greentopia again this year, so I’ll probably see you around. – Katrina

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