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Petite Finds January 2013



Specimen A – Roberto Cavalli “Serpantine”

I’ve been looking for a cold weather scent for months now. I’ve usually relied on family members to give me perfumes as gifts which has led me to sugary sweet scents. This was fine for many years, but lately I’ve been wanting something a bit more adult.

Product description:

Serpentine Perfume by Roberto Cavalli, This marvelous fragrance was created by Roberto Cavalli, in 2005. Its fantastic scent includes a mixture of mandarin, artemisia, violet leaves, frangipani, black pepper, amber, and sandalwood.

I was looking for a replacement for a sample of something I’ve forgotten the name of… this was the closest that I’ve found a year later. My boyfriend likes it and he’s really picky, so it must be a good one. Bonus: the bottle is sexy…

Specimen B – H&M Metal Beetle Ring 

This ring was around $7 and a part of the Divided Black collection. It’s a dark metal with a green/blue/violet iridescent tint. Aside from looking cool and being inexpensive you might adopt the sacred beetle powers. According to these are the symbolic meanings of beetles:

Progress, Simplicity, Persistence, Stability, Methodical, Contemplative, Practical, Grounded, Potential, Security, Introverted, Protection, Solidarity.

Go ahead and take that with a grain of salt, but hey, nothing wrong with positive thinking right?


Specimen C – OPI Nail Polish in “Jade is the New Black”

According to Pantone emerald will be the color of 2013. It’s already been popping its head around the corner. If you’re like me and afraid to wear too much color, having trending colors in nail polish is an easy way to cheat the fashion system. One warning: be cautious when combining with gold. It starts to look like Christmas.

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